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  1. Key Skills Developers Need to Master

    The promise of the cloud, in its essence, allows the IT department to focus on generating business value rather than spinning cycles fixing and managing infrastructure. However, the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and many early adopters are finding it challenging to move to the cloud. There are well-documented cases of huge budget overruns, […]

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  2. Should Your Company Use DBaaS

    From SaaS to IaaS, companies are rapidly moving to the cloud to gain huge agility and cost benefits. So, is it time for your company to take advantage of database as a service (DBaaS)? Here’s a high-level discussion to help you along your decision path. First, it’s important to distinguish DBaaS from simply running a […]

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  3. DevOps.com - IBM z Virtual Summit

    Got mainframes on the mind? Wonder how you can unlock the value of the platform for mission critical workloads? Trying to figure out where IBM Z fits in an increasingly cloud native IT environment? Those questions and others will be discussed in an upcoming virtual summit that explores the role of IBM Z —within the […]

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  4. Relic Extends Observability Reach and Scope

    At its FUTURESTACK 2019 event in New York today, New Relic announced it has extended the New Relic One Observability Platform to add support for its new Logs, Traces, Metrics and AI module offerings. Ken Gavranovic, general manager and senior vice president of products for New Relic, said his company is committed to extending the […]

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